New blog for a group of guys in art purgatory trying to find out where we want to go with our love of art. We are currently working at legoland as caricature artists. This blog is a means to challenge each other and showcase our work to each other and also stay in touch and continue to motivate and inspire each other. every week (or whenever theres time) theyll be a subject posted and the members will have a week to meet the challenge and post it. Or just post whenever you want as long as you get your stuff up there. they can be sketches, rendered paintings, digital work or fingerpaints from your own blood whatever media!! ok biznatches. do work!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bikini Model Girl Things (semiNWS)

Haha Hi doots. Wendy suggested I post this for your enjoyment (just don't enjoy it too much, kay?) - its a challenge I did for a contest being held on dA. Its the first of a long line of pieces I'm working on atm (many of them challenges for here too!). Hell, I like what I got, but it needs a little work... just a little!


Ugga ugga!


Billy Sajdera said...

That's pretty bitchin', Kim.

My criticism of this is that the body looks really great, but the facial features are kind of "floating" about on the head, so that part comes off a little odd. I have a problem with doing that myself, definitely.

The rest is rather impressive. Great job!

Cobard said...

Also, maybe work on the mid section.I see what you're trying for ,but it looks kinda like an open incision.Dark line around her left breast could be scaled back too maybe. Still looks hot though.