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Monday, June 9, 2008

Taylor's newb attempt at comics

So here's my shot at the Crime World. I wanted to do this like a comic book because I've never done this before (except once in high school) and see how it goes. If anyone has suggestions, criticism or feedback, I'm all ears. These are the thumbnail sketches for the pages if I decide to keep going with this project. The final comic will be colored, this is just to show composition, value and see if the story reads well. I'll have some printed copies on me at Legoland, if you'd like to check it out in printed form. One more thing... the story doesn't have an ending. I'm thinking about adding a fourth (splash) page where the hero gets his brains blown out. There's a better way to end this, so if you have any ideas let me know!


Tauma'oe said...

nice dude i like it! its really cool i like the self narration thing going, its like sin cityish. sweet dude, finish it up yo! and your right, you are all ears, literally! later mickey mouse

Billy Sajdera said...

Always double-check for grammer mistakes!

My advice as far as the fourth panel would be not to have Johnny's brains blown out.

If you have your protagonist think to himself "I can't let it end like this," then it makes better story-telling sense for it not to. At least it seems that way to me.

I wouldn't set the audience up for something and then not deliver it.

Billy Sajdera said...

I'm just trippin on how Tyson looks like Donkey Kong in his avatar.

do Do DO DOO do DO DOO



Tauma'oe said...

are you calling me a monkey billy? lol

Anonymous said...

"you better believe someone's gettign hurt" that like something you'd say Taylor, lol it made me laff.
"yeah yeah..."


Ricardo Vasquez said...

I hate you right now its so good!!